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Gestion Festi-Scène, crowd control barricades rental and installation service for special events

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What is Gestion Festi-Scène ?

Dan Massé

Daniel Massé of Gestion Festi-Scène

This company was founded 15 years ago in Quebec city, and has quickly built a strong reputation and respected name in the field of special event logistics and security fencing and barricades needed to hold special events across the province.

Our success is owed to our speed, flexibility and our ability to adapt the deployment of our crowd control barricade system and security fences around the site where events are to be held, both indoors and outdoors.

It is with pride that we offer these services to you for your next project. The numerous years of experience in the field of event management both explain our sustainability but also distinguish ourselves from similar business that; too often offer: expensive basic solutions, and let us say it: «inadequate» services.

Our success is relies also upon the confidence that our peers and partners have had in our expertise from the very beginning. It is in the fields of event management, transport and installation of equipment logistic, that we offer you services of the highest quality, a fact that is recognized both regionally and provincially.

Our goals


By taking heed of your event specifics, be sure that our team will analyze and identify all your needs related to the success of your event and at the same time, leave aside the superfluous which cause confusion and cost overruns.


After we complete the analysis and logistics planning of your event, we will customize the realization solution of your event, according to your project constraints (budget, site confiuration, transport, equipment, etc.


The ultimate goal, from this stage is to work hand in hand with organizers and suppliers to successfully complete an event worthy of mention, which will hopefully satisfy and exceed your expectations. satisfera vos attentes.