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Gestion Festi-Scène, crowd control barricades rental and installation service for special events

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The Gestion Festi-Scène's barricade.

Barricade en angle et sections de baricades montées

With an angle at the base of individual sections, the barricade system can be installed to properly fit around any irregular shaped stage or area and will cater to your needs. Each section of the barrier being independent from each other. allows this barricades system to:

  • be transported easily
  • be easily assembled
  • simplify the task of your security personel
  • provides secure control of a large crowd

Rental specs

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Here are the specifics included when you rent the Gestion Festi-scène’s security barricades system:

  • Crowd control barricade

  • Transport, assembly/disassembly

  • Short and long term rental