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Gestion Festi-Scène, crowd control barricades rental and installation service for special events

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" Envol & Macadam " Altenative music festival

Simon Gaudry - Executive Director

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"Envol and Macadam has enlisted the services ‘Gestion Festi-Scène’ for several years running now. The professionalism and the reliability of this provider are without any doubt the forte of this company. Its reliable and friendly staff, is always ready and able to adapt to the various last minute constraints that the event organizers have to face, and this within a limited turnaround time. I would say that dealing with the pros of ‘Gestion Festi-Scène’, has set our mind is at ease!"

" Get A Room " productions

Yannick Cimon Mattar - Co-Owner

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"Get-a-room productions has been producing punk and rock show for more than a decade in Quebec city. We have dealt with ‘Gestion Festi-Scène’ for most of our events. Without the security barricades rental services of ‘Gestion Festi-Scène’, we would have had without doubts, several injuries and accidents of a regrettable nature. The quick and simple installation allows us to control the crowd and facilitated the work of the security team assigned to the front-stage area, allowing them to do their work easily, while keeping the audience members at a comfortable distance without however minimizing their space to have their fun!".

Major partners

Evenko | Festival d'été de Québec

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Special events partnerships:

We have, over the years forged close ties with various stakeholders in the field of entertainment and special events in Quebec city and the province of Quebec. Here is the list of our business partners who trust us year after year to deliver and help make their events a successful and memorable endeavor across the board in the memories of attendees, and workers as well.