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Gestion Festi-Scène, crowd control barricades rental and installation service for special events

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Gestion Festi-Scène welcomes you! We are specialists in security barricade rental and installation.
We rent and install temporary security barricades, ideal for: security perimeter and center stage use.
Our extensive experience and savvy in special event management and our experienced staff will ensure the success of your event.

Flexible security barricade system

Crowd control barricade

The barricade system can be installed to properly fit around any irregular shaped stage or area and will cater to your needs. Each section of the barrier being independent from each other which facilitates transport and assembly and especially provides secure control of a large crowd.

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analyse abstaites

Rental and installation of security barricades system

Rental and installation

We analyze your needs and facilitate the rental and installation of the equipment needed for your event. Entrusting us with the logistic of installing this material, will ensure that everything goes smoothly during your event, without any untoward incidents.

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gardes de sécurité

Planning and management of special events

Expertise in logistics analysis

Gestion Festi-Scène’s team is at the crossroads between the planning and the hosting of your event. We study various scenarios applicable to special events. And we will advise you on the adoption of a customized logistics solution that will cater to your own needs.

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